Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions about renting or purchasing a storage container from us, feel free to give us a call at (334) 322-7071.

How far can you deliver a container?2021-03-01T23:07:43+00:00

With our equipment yard based in Prattville, AL, our typical delivery radius is within 100 miles for rental units. Anything further than that, give us a call and we will see if it is something we can handle or make third-party recommendations for those who are buying a container.

If you are looking at buying a container, we can go beyond the 100 mile radius. Our online shipping calculator can tell you how much trucking would be for delivery throughout the state. Anything further than that, give us a call and we will see if it is something we can handle or make third-party recommendations for those who are buying a container.

Can I pick up my container from your yard?2021-02-28T18:53:11+00:00

If you are buying a container from us, then feel free. We recommend a 1-ton truck with gooseneck trailer with tilt/unload capability (such as a Landoll trailer, which is what we use). If you load it with a trailer without a tilt/unload capability, while we can load it on our yard with our forklift, you may have challenges unloading it at home. If you are renting from us, we are required to perform the delivery, as the container is still owned by the company and to avoid damaging the container during transit.

Are your prices negotiable?2021-02-28T18:53:59+00:00

Unfortunately not. Our prices reflect the best available price of containers that are available from ports or rail hubs. The price of the containers we sell are impacted by the supply and demand of those container entry points, combined with our improvement cost to ensure the container you receive is in an excellent working order. We’re confident in our pricing model that we make it available for anyone to see online. No need to haggle with a sales rep over the phone to determine your costs. Whether renting or buying, our pricing calculator will show you everything needed to get one of our containers to you.

I can get a container cheaper from a competitor or online broker. Will you match or beat their prices?2021-02-28T18:54:51+00:00

We respect and understand the others may advertise their containers lower or higher than our prices. While we cannot control how low or high they may go, our rental and sale prices are set based upon the improvements we make to the container, coupled with market driven pricing. When renting containers, watch out for additional surcharges, required insurance, and fees charged by larger regional or national companies. We charge for the container, the delivery, and sales tax. Nothing else.

Where do your containers come from?2021-03-22T03:18:39+00:00

Most of our containers arrive from the port of Savannah, as well as rail hubs in Atlanta and Memphis. The containers that we sell either come directly from those areas, or from our existing rental fleet.

Another company requires me to have insurance when renting a container. Do you?2021-02-28T18:56:32+00:00

Nope. While we are not liable for the contents of what you choose to store in the container during rental, should you want to pursue insurance on your own, that’s your decision. We do not offer it, nor require it.

Can I request a certain color of the container?2021-02-28T18:57:21+00:00

Sure. Our containers typically come in red, blue, green, or grey. If you would like to request a certain color, make note of it in the comments box when ordering online, or let us know when you call. If you’d like a container custom painted to match an existing building or preference, let us know that as well. There are additional paint charges if we have to paint a container to your preference.

Do you offer any financing or have a rent-to-own plan?2021-02-28T18:58:09+00:00

Unfortunately we do not. If you are unable to purchase a container from us, renting is a great option for you. Because renting is a large part of our business, what you pay as part of your rent does not go towards the purchase of a container.

Do you do any custom living/work modifications on the containers?2021-02-28T18:59:16+00:00

We have a very limited amount of office containers, which include an 8’x16’ office, as well as an 8’x24’ storage area. Aside from those, we do not modify the containers beyond maintenance/repairs, painting, or adding lockboxes to the doors. If you are looking to build a container home or other large-scale modification to a container, we will gladly sell you a container for your project, but do not perform those modifications on our end.

Can I come and look at the container before I place an order to rent or buy?2021-02-28T18:59:59+00:00

Absolutely! Our container yard is located at 1715 South Memorial Drive, Prattville, AL 36066. Our yard is located between the Circle K and Bubba’s Materials. Please note that this is our equipment yard and is not regularly staffed. You are free to walk around the lot. Containers that are available for sale have price tags on them. Containers that do not have tags are part of our rental fleet and not available for sale. If you would like to meet us at the yard, feel free to call us at 334-320-7071.

What is the difference in your container compared to others?2021-03-22T03:18:14+00:00

It really comes down to the quality and working order of the container. While those in the industry try to explain that in conditional terms like “one-trip”, “IICL”, “cargo worthy”, “wind/water tight”, or “as-is”, there are notable differences from container to container on each of those categories. Sometimes when you order “direct”, the container may have service flaws that need attention. The doors may be difficult to open. There may be rust that needs to be grinded off and removed. We will touch up rust areas with new paint after fully grinding the rust away, and in many cases, we may paint the entire box with fresh paint of a corresponding color. We recognize that not everyone has the time, tools, and materials needed to get a used container into regular use working condition. We put that into our containers and are confident in our product. If you look at ours and look at others, there are noticeable differences. Purchasing containers direct from a port is like rolling the dice. Sometimes they are great with no or minimal issues requiring attention. More often than not, they need some type of work done to them. Any issues you notice during delivery from an online broker, the delivery driver is not going to be able to address for you at that moment and in most cases, only works for a third-party delivery company, not who you ordered it from. If you didn’t order it locally, it can be challenging to get someone from an online agency to come out to service any defects. Any issues with ours, we can schedule a time to come out and look at any challenges. In fact, your container will be delivered by owners of the company. We can go over the container with you and provide best practices on container maintenance.

It’s hard to find anyone with containers available or the prices are higher than usual in the fall. What’s going on?2021-03-01T23:09:09+00:00

Every fall, retailers like Walmart source dozens of containers for additional storage during the holiday season. The high demand and the number of containers needed to service this segment annually is substantially, which depletes the available inventory of most container companies. We understand this business cycle and work to plan for it by setting aside containers for year-round use despite these spikes of demand. We will have less than usual availability; however, we will still do our best to help you with your storage needs. Give us a call!

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