We have 20′ storage containers for sale. The 20’ storage container, also called a shipping container or conex box, is a popular option for secure storage that can still fit in a tight spot. The dimensions are 20’ L x 8’ W x 8.5’ H. This container is delivered on a roll back truck or our tractor trailer.

Its corrugated steel construction makes it tough, durable, and very secure.
The steel exterior also provides a strong weatherproof shell, keeping your goods safe and dry inside.


Containers that are classified as “cargo-worthy” means they are still in ready condition to be used for overseas transport. The overall condition of the doors, flooring, walls, and ceiling would pass inspection in port before boarding an overseas ship. All door seals remain water-tight and doors open with ease. These containers may have multiple minor dents and cosmetic imperfections including original paint. Most of these containers are 12+ years old. Through our container prep-for-sale process, rust has been grinded off with new paint applied in sections. Most shipping logos and decals have been removed or painted over. We do not fully re-paint the entirety of the container; however, for a fee, we can fully spray the container if you’d like. Give us a call if you would like that service performed and we’ll go over the details.

We have not fully refurbished the container; however, we have provided basic maintenance to it that the overseas container company may have otherwise neglected over time.

Containers that are graded as “IICL-5”, also referred to as “premium condition”, are those that are typically 2-8 years old and pass certifications from the Institute of International Container Lessors. These containers are ready for continued overseas transport and are in very good condition. They have minimal dents and interior markings. Overall, they are in a much more cosmetically appearing condition. IICL condition containers are a step up from cargo-worthy containers, and only one step below new/one-trip containers.

Our current supply of 20′ containers are a mix of IICL and cargo-worthy condition containers.

**NOTE** The container in photo represents typical container available for sale at this condition and price point, not the specific container available for sale due to the volume of sales orders we receive.