Office Containers

We have 40′ office containers with storage for rent. The 40’ office with storage combo container is one of our most popular options. It is split between about 14’ of office space and 25’ of storage space. You can safely and securely store materials in the back while working out of the front. There is an interior door in between the two spaces. This allows access to the storage area from both the inside and the outside through the exterior container doors. The exterior container doors are protected with a secure lock box which prevents lock cutting. The interior office has central AC and heat powerful enough to take on the FL heat. Since the office is ground level, there is no additional set up like stairs required. Just hook up to 220V power and you’re good to! The interior is equipped with lights, receptacles, built-in desk, drafting table, insulated drywall walls, industrial flooring, two windows with secure burglar bars, and a secure commercial steel door with deadbolt. The exterior dimensions are 40’ L x 8’ W x 9.5’ H.

Its corrugated steel construction makes it tough, durable, and incredibly secure.
The steel exterior also provides a strong weatherproof shell, keeping your goods safe and dry inside. Our steel lock boxes add another high security feature, safely preventing access from cutting a lock.